General Custer came in search of the Sioux
In the valley of the Bighorn.
He'd gotten reports and he knew what to do
Though some of his men felt torn.
They argued for a phased withdrawal
But Custer pulled out his gun
He said, "What's got into you all?
That you want to cut and run?"
Let's stay the course.
Get up and ride that horse.
Yes, I see those clouds of dust.
It's probably the Indians fleeing from us.
Hand me that bottle of rye.
We took a wrong turn in Transylvania
In a thunderous downpour
And the car broke down and we saw the castle
And a man opened the door.
In his cape he welcomed us in,
He said, "I am so glad you have come."
And now there's a bat flying round the room,
And you want to cut and run.
Let's stay the course.
Darling, let's stay the course.
It's a beautiful castle here on the mount
If he were bad, he would not be a count.
I'm sure it will all turn out fine.
Let's have a little more wine.
We came in the jungle to find the temple
Despite the ancient curse
And then we felt the ground tremble
And the volcano burst.
I still want to get the golden statue
Though we seem to be the object of a hunt
And spears and arrows are coming at you
And you want to cut and run?
Let's stay the course.
And call upon inner resource.
The natives will love us, they'll fall on their knees
When they see we've brought presents of colored glass beads
We're white and we're destined to win.
Hand me that flask of gin.
If we quit now, it'll only look bad.
It would mean that all of the pain
And suffering and misery we've had
Would all be in vain.
Mistakes have been made, that's clear.
But we're all behind you, son.
And that's why you have to stay here
And fight. Hey. I gotta run.
You stay the course
You stay the course
It's good and true and right to stay
We'll think of you on Memorial Day.
We'll name the ballpark for you
And raise a glass of brew