Corrina, Corrina, where you been so long?
Corrina, Corrina, afraid I raised you wrong.
I am your papa, so tell me where you've gone
Corrina, Corrina, where'd you get those shoes
It looks like a boy's pair, so tell me whose
What's that on your shoulder, I hope it's not tattoos.
We had Corrina when I was forty three.
And now I'm sixty and feeling elderly
Corrina Corrina, you'll be the death of me
Corrina Corrina why you always wear black
Why sixteen earrings and green hair in back?
Are you my daughter or a maniac.
I remember when you were small,
In your long braids and your overalls
You said, Daddy, I love you best of all.
I love you Corrina, I love you so.
My darling daughter, I hate to see you go.
Please don't tell me what I don't want to know.
Corrina, Corrina, school has not gone well
You flunked math and you cannot spell
What you're good at is just raising hell.
Corrina, Corrina please help me
Find a nursing home where I can be
Given Zooloft for my serenity.