Oh give me a horse, a great big horse
And give me a Stetson, too, and let me
Wah-hoo, wah-hoo, wah-hoo
Oh give me a ranch, a big pair of pants
And put a little dirt on my shoe, and let me
Wah-hoo, wah-hoo, wah-hoo
Give me these halls of Austin
For I'm just an old calvinist
Thinking about all I've missed
Oh, why do the Calvinists feel cooped up
Like animals in the zoo? They never
Wah-hoo, wah-hoo, wah-hoo.
Just take a look in the holy book,
It'll tell you what to do - thou shalt
Wah-hoo, wah-hoo, wah-hoo
My family came here from Scotland
Dark and damp and full of sin
Sunlight almost did us in
I calm the herd with Beethoven's Third
Or a Chopin pas de deux. And they can
Wah-hoo, wah-hoo, wah-hoo.
At night we holler to Gustav Mahler
His symphony number two.
Wah-hoo, wah-hoo, wah-hoo
The world has wah-hooed for ages
Some like to wah-hoo soft and low,
Others like to let it go
The signal floats across the prairie
Love that great old public radio.
Makes me want to yodel-ai-dee-o
Come September I'll become a member
Maybe my horse will too, and we can
Wah-hoo, wah-hoo, wah-hoo.
I came down from a northern town
Looking for something new
We're serious folks and we tell no jokes
And our horses have turned blue
We need to --
A northern liberal
I've read Kierkegaard and Camus
I've studied the theory and principles of wah-hoo
But philosophy's not enough for me
I'll tell you what I'm going to do