Garrison Keillor: You've heard about the Da Vinci Code. And already there's a sequel.


Tim Russell: Da Vinci Two. The Lord's Turn.


TR: They told lies about him being married. They messed with his mom. They took his name in vain.Now he is coming back to set the record straight.

Fred Newman: Da Vinci Two: Hell to pay!


Sue Scott: Look out! The walls are tumbling down! (CRASH)

TR: He came to earth once. Now he's coming back - and this time it's personal! He's tired of forgiving. Now it's payback time. Swarms of locusts (SFX), floods (SFX), plagues (COUGHING), blood (POURING), frogs (FROGS), and the kind of devastation you've only seen in movies.


GK: The Da Vinci Code II; Judgement Day. Directed by Mel Gibson