If you live in North Dakota
In Minot or Bismarck
You can hear the robins singing
And the meadowlark
If you live in Minnesota
In Blue Earth or Cloquet
You can feel the world is turning
Toward a brighter day.
There is a balm in Gilead
To heal the sinsick soul
There is a balm in Gilead
To make the wounded whole
If you live in Manitoba
If you're in Saskatchewan
The snow is melting slowly
You can almost see the lawn.
If you live on the Upper Peninsula,
On Michigan's U.P.
You have six more weeks when you
Can cross-country ski.
Nobody knows the trouble I've been
I've been a pain since Christmas.
Now that it's spring and we can sit outside
I'll be so sweet to live with.
If you live in South Dakota,
In Mitchell or in Pierre
The tulips and the lilacs
The crocuses appear.
If you live in Wisconsin
In Oshkosh or Racine
You can start to think of sweet corn
Tomatoes and string beans.
If you live in Iowa
Dubuque or Council Bluffs
Time to have a garden party
With wine and pastry puffs.
There is a month called April
To heal the northern soul
Then comes May, June and July
To fill your salad bowl.
College will be over
In a month and a half
The prodigals are returning
Time to fatten up the calf
If you live in New York City,
On the East Side or the West
It's time to wash your windows
Your neighbors will be impressed.
If you cannot sing like Bono
Or talk like Charlie Rose
At least you can be lovely
In J.C. Penney clothes.
There is a month called April
And then a month called May
When we know the world is turning
Toward a brighter day.
GK: You look great in that swimsuit.
It's not too tight at all.
JS: I think you need new glasses
And to get off alcohol.
JS: Let's plan our summer vacation
And do just what we want.
GK: Let's go fishing in Alaska.
JS: Let's go fishing in Provence.
JS: It's time to take my chariot
In for a wash and a wax
It's time to fill up my iPod
With all of the new dance tracks.