Garrison Keillor: Coming up later on many of these stations, another episode of Daryl Tollefson, Emergency Dermatologist. (CHOPPER)

Tim Russell: I'm off to Starbuck, Lillian. A severe rash on the shoulders of a young woman with a date to go to the Prom. I don't know if I'll make it back tonight or not.

Sue Scott: Why do you do this to yourself, Daryl? Flying hither and yon, day and night? You're the only dermatologist who does house calls--

TR: Nature is cruel in Minnesota-- the wind, the cold, the mosquitoes -- women in their late twenties look like they've been through menopause and back. What slight beauty we have must be preserved. Goodbye-- (CHOPPER TAKING OFF)

SS: When will he ever notice me-- his own wife -- does he not see that I've had a facelift for him? That my forehead has been botoxed? Why does he devote himself to the skin of others and -- here I am, alone.

Tom Keith: Not entirely alone, Lillian.

SS: Svend -- our milkman.

TK: You've never been lovelier. I brought ten gallons of skim just for you. Would you like to take a bath? (ORGAN STING)

GK: All coming up later on Daryl Tollefson, Emergency Dermatologist.