Garrison Keillor: April -- it's the perfect time to visit. Because you can get all four seasons in the space of just a week. You can get summer(BIRDS CHIRPING) followed by spring (THUNDERSTORM) and then some fall (WIND) and then a little winter (SPINNING TIRES) -- where else can you find this? One place, one week. Go fishing one day (REEL), go cross-country skiing the next (SHUSHING), the next day mudwrestling (STRUGGLING IN MUCK). You can harvest maple syrup (HAMMERING SPIKE IN TREE, SYRUP DRIPPING), and the next day you're swimming (DIVING BOARD, SPLASH), and then a storm moves in and it's time for a sleighride. (HORSE WHINNY, JINGLE BELLS). All in one weekend. Some tennis in the morning (TENNIS), go down the giant luge in the afternoon (LUGE SEQUENCE). Pack a big suitcase when you visit Minnesota in April. It's "Four Seasons" month. There's never a dull moment. Blazing sun followed by near blizzards. (RADAR SCANNING) Right now our weather radar shows a line of thunderstorms (SFX) followed by a plague of locusts (SFX) followed by forty days of rain (SFX) and then lions (SFX). April-- it's like Vacation Bible School.