Tip toe to the window, by the window
By the peony, come
Tip toe thru the tulips with me
Tip toe from the chapel
Let us dabble neath the apple tree
And hide in the hyacinths with me
We'll throw ourselves on the ground,
Holler and roll all around
And if I rip off your parka
In the darkness, will you park with me
And jump thru the geraniums with me
Leap out of the window, to the garden
O my old sweet pea, come
Crawl through the crocuses with me
We'll get in my Chevy
And start necking heavily
And dive in the ivy with me
We will be dripping with sweat
Do things we'll later regret
If I howl and drool
Will you reject me so cruelly
Or tip tow thru the tulips with me
Or lie in the lilacs with me