Garrison Keillor: ...right after this message from the Minnesota Cheese Foundation.

Tim Russell: This fall and winter thousands of Minnesotans will turn from a diet of salads and fresh fruit to the winter diet in which melted cheese is poured on things, beef, chicken, fish, and also salads and fresh fruit. The Cheese Foundation says: make your cheese experience a safe and happy one. So please. Consume cheese in moderation-about one serving per hour. Do not drive a car or operate heavy machinery while eating hot cheese. And as always, seek help if you find that you need cheese in order to have a good time, or if you find yourself eating cheese by yourself, first thing in the morning. If your friends tell you that you act like a different person when you eat cheese, pay attention. And if you get sick eating cheese, eating more will not make you feel better. Please. Enjoy melted cheese responsibly. This message brought to you by the Minnesota Cheese Foundation.