Garrison Keillor: Mr. President, thank you for joining us by phone.

Tim Russell (BUSH): My pleasure. Always good to talk with the good folks there on National Public Radio.

GK: How was your week, Mr. President?

TR (BUSH): Had a good week. Got a lot accomplished. Doing about ten miles a day on the treadmill. Half an hour on the Stairmaster. Lost another pound. Making progress.

GK: What are you going to do if Karl Rove is indicted, Mr. President?

TR (BUSH): You know, I had an idea you were going to ask me that. I could see that one coming.

GK: Well, it's what people are talking about.

TR (BUSH): I told Laura, you'd probably ask me about that, and she said, I wouldn't put it past him. That's what she said.

GK: What are you going to do?

TR (BUSH): I am going to do what the American people sent me here to do and that's do my job and that's what I'm doing. We're moving ahead with the Miers nomination and the Iraqi constitution and rebuilding the Gulf Coast and keeping America strong and winning the war against terror.

GK: Okay.

TR (BUSH): So I'm thinking about heading out to the ranch and taking a little vacation.

GK: You're not drinking again, are you?

TR (BUSH): No, why do you ask? Do I seem a little off?

GK: Mr. President, you had five weeks vacation in August.

TR (BUSH): And I feel like I'm ready for a little more.

GK: I think the American people want you to do your job.

TR (BUSH): That's true. On the other hand, my ratings seem to go up when I'm on vacation.

GK: But my question was, what will you do if Karl Rove is indicted?

TR (BUSH): Let me put it to you this way. I do not accept the validity of indictments handed down by a bunch of individuals. I take my instructions from a Higher Power. I believe that He is the judge and it's His Judgement that is the important one, and I have to be honest with you, we are living in the Last Days right now, I believe the Tribulation will soon be upon us, and I think I'm going to head out to the ranch.

GK: Okay, Mr. President. Thanks for the visit.

TR (BUSH): Good talking with you.