Garrison Keillor: ...after a word from Bud's Big Pine Resort in Biwabik.

Tim Russell: Hi dere. Winter's coming and in no time the ice is gonna be on the lake and ice fishing season starts and a lot of you are gonna be calling me and saying, Bud, we'd like to come up weekend after next and rent one of your fish houses, and I'm gonna say, Sorry, they're all spoken for, and you're gonna say, How can that be? Why didn't you tell us? So I'm telling you now. Get your dibs in early. We got sixteen fish houses and they go fast, take it from me. Why? Because we don't charge an arm and a leg for it, that's why. So don't get your hopes up and then be disappointed and come crying to me when you can't get in. Plan ahead, for crying out loud. I would think you'd learn that by your age, but maybe not. Things don't just fall into your lap. That's not the way life works. You wanna come ice-fishing? Fine. It's up to you. To each his own. It doesn't matter to me. But call ahead, for crying out loud. Wake up and die right.

GK: That's Bud's Big Pine Resort in Biwabik.