One day a child
Came home from football
Where he had fumbled,
Was jeered and booed.
His mother saw that
His heart was breaking
And so she made him
His favorite food.

She did not make (a bowl of) Garden salad (greens), She made no whole (wheat rolls) Or a pile (of beans). It was a sandwich, on toasted white bread, Of peanut butter creamy style.

The years went by and
He was a loser,
He led a useless
And wretched life,
And yet she never
Criticized him,
She smiled as she
Got out the knife.
Then he decided
On the basis
Of a book that
He read one fall
That his problems
Had resulted
From excessive
He had some (great big bowls)
Of garden salad (greens),
He ate those whole (wheat rolls)
And a pile (of beans).
He gave up sandwiches on toasted white bread
With peanut butter creamy style.
That night his dog died,
He smashed his pick-up,
His sweetheart left him,
He lost his hair.
His house caught fire,
He went to prison,
His dear old mother
Came to him there.
She did not bring (him bowls of)
Garden salad (greens),
She brought no whole (wheat rolls)
Or a pile (of beans).
She brought a sandwich on toasted white bread
Of peanut butter creamy style.
All rights reserved. Copyright © 1984 Garrison Keillor.