I love my baby, Lord knows I do
Though she lives out on Ocean Avenue
I try to see her every Saturday
But she lives 22 subway stops away.
I love her though she is far out
Over in Brooklyn on a local route
She's my baby I'm in love with her O
I wish she lived here in my borough.
But she's 22 local stops away
She's 22 local stops away
I sit on the train looking at the signs
As it comes to a stop 22 times.
Pardon me for being so vocal
But she's 22 stops away on the local
Ask the firemen, ask the cops
But 22 is a whole lot of stops.
Today is the day I call up Renee
And tell her, Baby, I got something to say
It's all over, we're done, we're through
I can do 21 but not 22.
I hate the crowds I am annoyed
By ads about eczema and hemorrhoids
So I'm looking for a brand new lover
Who lives on my street or one block over.