In the land of Minnesota
In the northern neighborhoods
There's a Finnish gal a settin'
In a sauna in the woods.
And the wind is in those pine trees
And the wild geese they say
Come you back you naked sinner
Come you back to Grand Marais, come you back to Grand Marais
Come you back to Grand Marais
Heading up the Gunflint way
You can smell that booya cooking
From Duluth all through the Range.
On the road to Grand Marais
Where the giant walleyes play
And the guys get up at sunrise on the lake near Silver Bay.
I have been to New York City
I have been out to L.A.
But my heart kept saying M-i
And those wild geese keep calling
'Cause it's there that I long to be
In the great Mesabi country
Between Chisholm and Ely.