Garrison Keillor: ...after a word from Evelyn Lundberg Hair Salon and Photo Processing -- Evelyn--

Sue Scott (MINNESOTA): This is Evelyn Lundberg of Evelyn Lundberg Photo Processing and Pet Grooming, we're in the blue house right behind Pure Oil next to the laundromat -- we used to be upstairs from the drugstore but they jacked up the rent on us 50% and told us to take it or leave it. What kind of a deal is that? Anyway, we're in a new location and looking to serve you with our one-week film processing -- yes, I know, some people do it in an hour, but I wasn't brought up to get things right away and neither were you -- you enjoy it more if you have to wait a little bit, that's our philosophy, and also we need the extra time to do the airbrushing that frankly most of you could use to smooth out your complexion and take out some of the jowls and the extra chins, not that we can work magic but we do our best. And some of those pictures are pictures that you don't EVER want to see and we make sure you don't. Like the one where you were looking down and frowning and you've got six chins. A picture you'd never forget and thank goodness you don't have to because it's gone. And while you're waiting for your nice pictures to come back to you, why not bring your dog in for a bath and a haircut? She sure could use it.
From Evelyn Lundberg Photo Processing and Pet Grooming. Come in today! And tell them Evelyn Lundberg sent you.