Garrison Keillor: This portion of A Prairie Home Companion brought to you with the best wishes of Old Folks at Home Cottage Cheese...the name you've gradually come to trust since 1939....Old Folks at Home Cottage Cheese -- the only cottage cheese that says right on the label: contains no arsenic and no formaldehyde. Do other brands make that same promise? Old Folks at Home does. Creamy goodness, a fair price, and no arsenic or formaldehyde. That's Old Folks at Home.
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Tim Russell (MINN): Sorry but I just can't see why you need a two-car garage with an automatic-door opener. You only got the one car, your garage isn't more than forty years old, and it seems to me that lifting garage doors might be good for you.

GK: That's Bob's Bank. In the green mobile home. Save at the sign of the sock.