It's Halloween and my husband wants me to look lovely
It's Halloween tonight
A party! Party! Party!
Otello's been in a bad mood since his friend Iago arrived a week ago on Tuesday
He's been moody, owly
I've tried to please him
I bought him a new pillow for his birthday just last week
That Iago- he's been so kind to me.
Otello wants me to bob for apples once again, the way we did long ago
But why does he hold my head while I lean my face near the water?
Party! Party! Party!
Let's be happy, Otello!
Let's be happy, and do you mind if I dance with Iago tonight?
Halloween, Halloween
It's Otello's party
Trick or treat

Don't mind me, I'm okay
Standing here, by your tree
Halloween, Halloween
I am not a normal woman
My eyeballs are white, I am deceased
And yet I'm walking around, walking around your home.
I'm a zombie, dead but living
That's why my hair is a fright
Yes, my skin is falling off
And my dress is stained with blood
Don't be afraid
Give me chocolate
And I'll bother you no more.
I don't want a Butterfinger
Snickers or (yeccch) bag of licorice
Or you'll find some rolls of toilet paper in your trees
Toilet paper in your trees
Dark chocolate, please
I'll wait while you go find some.