GK: ...Right after this message from the Ad Council of America.

TR (FRED F): This is Fred Farrell for the Ad Council with a simple message to you viewers out there. When the commercials come on, don't get up and go to the kitchen and make popcorn--stay in your chair and pay attention. Who do you think pays the bills around here? Commercials pay for the reality show about two neighbors who trade kidneys for a month. If you don't watch commercials, these shows would go bankrupt and you would be left with Bulgarian art films and interviews with novellists and news programs with no car chases, just a bunch of guys talking about our trade imbalance with China. You want that? I didn't think so. And commercials sell the things that drive the economy that makes it possible for us to defend our country. Do your part, America. You can go to the bathroom later--pay attention.

GK: A message from the Ad Council of America.