GK: Coming up later on many of these stations, The Phantom of the Organ. The story of a church organist and his sordid campaign for personal supremacy.

TR (QUIETLY, EVILLY): For two years, I've chosen hymns for the service that only I know and every Sunday morning I play the hymns a fraction of a decibel louder. And one beat per minute faster. I've managed to cut attendance almost in half. Someday, it will be only me on Sunday morning--me and my 350 horsepower Peterbilt organ. (HARSH BAGPIPE LIKE NOTE, TK & RD ORGAN) The most powerful pipe organ in the world, with me--W. Craig Peterson at the controls--I will rule this church and I will play WHAT I WANT and play it AS LOUD AS I WANT. (FIENDISH LAUGHTER)

GK: Join us this week as Pastor Lindgren says--

TR: I'm losing my mind. I don't know why. I keep hearing a low humming sound during the sermon. What is happening to me?

TR: (TO HIMSELF) No, I don't believe in the Trinity. I never did. I believe in the Human Will To Triumph. I believe in Total Domination by Sound! I believe in ME! (REVERB ON "ME")

GK: That's later tonight on The Phantom of the Organ. (OMINOSO ORGAN)