I've been thinking about you all day
Elsie Osro Ethel Lilla May
Hold my hand so you don't fall
Karl Koppernes, John Elmer, Elsie Dahl
Let's go back there where it's really dark
Thor Fredricks, Capt Newcombe, George A Clark
I brought some cheese and a couple of beers
Bernard died 1885 aged 21 years
You and I are the only ones in here alive
Inger Bodkin 1853-1935
Selma Jesten, Gustav Jensen, Leona Snuff
I brought a blanket so we'll be warm enough
Capt CB Thimens, Sarah Dora Monroe
I see a little hollow where we can go
Father John Mother Annie Rudy Marie
Here come lie down in the grass with me
We'll lie here where this young man lies
Allie A only son passed into paradise
Here in the dark, you and me
Our baby 1898 Louise Gee
I'll hold you so you won't get cold
Oline Thorsgaard, Oliane Wold
Oh darling darling you are so so fine
Our Baby Louise died 1899

Oh darling here with you under the trees
Father Mother Oscar
Brendenmuhl Therese
Your lips, your hands, your thighs
Allie A only son passed into Paradise
You are my darling darling girl
George Perle
Mary T. Scott, Nels Overby
Don't worry, darling, everything is going to be okay
Passed into Paradise Only Son Allie A.
You are a vision, you are sweet surprise
I have passed into paradise
Our Prairie Home Moorhead under starry skies
I have passed into paradise.