GK: Here's a message about your health from the Good Shepherd Home. Let's talk about colon cancer. Nobody cares for a colonoscopy. The fasting, the enema, the invasion of your personal space (POLAROID SNAPSHOT; TR: Hold still. Hey, that's a beaut!) But now there's a new and better way. Dogs who are trained to detect colon-cancer by sniffing. (SNIFFING, PANTING) You've heard of a cat scan, this is a dog scan.

TR: Why is he sniffing me so hard, Doctor--is something wrong? (SNIFFING) Why is he wagging his tail?

SS: Tail-wagging means that you may have colon cancer. Either that or you just sat on a piece of bacon. Maybe we should get you checked out, Jack. (TIME PASSAGE CHORDS)

GK: Hours later...

TR: How does it look, Doctor?

SS: In what sense? Oh, you mean, cancer-wise? Well, you're just fine. But we're sending Rex home with you for a couple weeks of follow-up.

TR: What do you mean by "follow up"?

SS: Rex will be following you around and doing inspections several times a day. (DOG SNIFFING) If he barks, give us a call.

GK: Dogs who can sniff colon-cancer. A new breakthrough. From Good Shepherd. (WOOFS)