I was an English major
And they said I was smart
Now I'm wearing a big smile
Saying "Welcome to Wal-Mart."
Oh we're all temping
Everybody's temping
We're all temping
Our way through the world.
Used to have a contract
And a company car
Then the boss came in and said
Au revoir
We're all temping
Everybody's temping
Oh we're all temping
Our way through the world
O the mighty politician
Thinks destiny has beckoned
But he may find out otherwise
On Nov. 2nd
You read the newspapers
You turn the page
And you see obituaries
For people your age.
So don't look down
On the people on the bus
They're no bums
The bums are us
But this job's safe
It's one I can't lose
Until the Chinese learn
To sing the blues.
Temping tonight, temping tonight
Temping on the old campground.