Marymoor Park, which is a county park, in King County, an entire square mile on the shore of Lake Sammamish (GULLS), on the Samammish River which flows into Lake Washington in Seattle. (FERRY HORN) There's the excursion boat now, bringing tourists up from the city, and the locals coming along the trail beside the river, some of them on bike (HORN PASSING) and people rollerblading (SFX) and other people power-walking (SFX), and a couple on pogo sticks (SFX) with a baby in a knapsack (BABY BOUNCING). There is a big hunting lodge in the woods, a mansion built by a banker back in the early 1900s and a velodrome, a banked oval bicycle racing track (BIKES GOING BY AT HIGH SPEED) and today singers from the Seattle Opera are out riding (W. TR & SS, A SERIES OF FAST PASSES BY SINGERS HITTING HIGH NOTES) and warming up their voices. Not far away is a climbing rock, 45-feet high, (SFX) and a bunch of climbers making their way up it, some men and some women and also a couple of goats (SFX). Nearby (MODEL AIRPLANES BUZZING) there's a field where people were flying radio-controlled model airplanes. And other recreational areas including tennis courts (SFX) and a softball field (CRACK OF BAT, CROWD) and a cricket pitch (BRIT VOICES, CRACK OF BAT, BRIT VOICES IN REACTION: O lovely----smashing----brilliant--..a pip of a hit----a real corker.) and a dog park where dogs can get off the leash (DOGS) and get some exercise (BARKS) there's some dogs doing tai chi (UNISON PANTING) and other dogs chasing Frisbees (SFX) and some going after model airplanes (MODEL PLANE PASSES, DOG TEARS AFTER IT). Seattleites sure love outdoor activity. I guess when you drink that much espresso, you've got to work it off. We're in an open air amphitheater ----a person has to be an optimist to have an open-air amphitheater in Seattle. But people here don't care if it rains on them or not. They're beyond that. Nobody carries an umbrella. People ignore rain. It's beneath them. Eventually it is.