In Minnesota
Wheree'r I gota
East or west or nort
For visits long or short
The best resort, is a northern port.
It's on Lake Superior
It's brighter and cheerier
Than most towns, and that's the truth.
So if you're gloomy
Sit next to me
And I will tell you about Duluth.
It's a port
Like Nice or Naples.
Summer's short
Then the yellow maples.
It has ore docks and sand and rocks and bears
It has steep hills that give you thrills when you climb the stairs.
It's so cool.
It is just fantastic, a
Called St. Scholastica.
It's a delight, my dear, as Shakespeare would say, forsooth----
It's delicious, it's deluxe, and it's Duluth.
It's so terrific
I'll be specific
And say that a recent test
Of towns in the whole U.S.
Have shown that, yes, Duluth is best.
You know I wouldn't
Lie and I shouldn't
Even exaggerate.
But here's a spot that is not
Merely good, it is simply great.
It's complete.
It's a source of bounty.
It's the seat
Of St. Louis County.
Where all Minnesotans and their kin have been
On a pilgrimage to the old Lift Bridge to see the boats come in.
It's got loons
And the Lester River
A swim in June
Will make you shiver.
It's fortune's twin as gin is to vermouth
It's delightful, it's deluxe, and it's Duluth.
It's on a lake
Of superior quality.
Where we should take
A two-week holiday.
On a quiet sea toward the harbor we shall sail.
And for those who are younger there's the Willard Munger bicycle trail.
There's Brighton Beach
If you are bolder
Where seagulls screech
Cause the water's colder.
If that's a lie then I am John Wilkes Booth
Its delightful, it's deluxe, and it's Duluth.
It's got views
That are just superb.
It's got blues
And a mayor named Herb.
It's got deer and moose cruising cross your lawn
It's got Spirit Mountain and sneakers poundin' in the marathon
It's got these nice
Folks here before me.
It's paradise,
Though sometimes stormy.
It's got it all, got quality and couth,
It's delightful, it's deluxe, and it's Duluth.