--..more of A Prairie Home Companion coming right up, after these messages.
TR: Iron Range Wines----it's the white wine with a unique combination of minerals and enzymes that removes stains better than any other white wine on the market today. It's mellow and oakey with a rich complex bouquet of potatoes, beer nuts, LP gas, polyester, and asphalt. Comes in Chardonnay or Chablis, and you older men who find yourselves getting up three and four times a night will want to try our new anti-diuretic wine, Pinot More.
GK: Back right after this message in the public interest----
SS: Recent advances in cosmetic surgery have made it possible for men like yourself to enjoy a full head of hair ----- luxurious golden curly hair ---- but the demand for hair has left us short of hair donors. Many men wait months for hair transplants. If you're a musician who's just gotten a day job, if you're a woman who just joined a softball team, if you're heading into our Armed Forces soon, your hair type may match someone who's waiting for a transplant. Parents: if your teen has a surplus of hair, talk to them about becoming a hair donor. Make a dream come true.
GK: Speaking of dreams, this summer why not treat your family to the vacation of a lifetime --in Duluth , MN. (BIG GRANDEUR THEME FROM "HOLIDAY IN DELAWARE")
TR: The North Shore of Minnesota--..home of hundreds of resorts--..offering sandy beaches, sparkling blue water, golf, and over 11 days of sunshine per year. We're open from July 15th to August 10th so call early because the good weekend fills up fast. It's northern Minnesota and the air is crisp and clean and the sky is blue and it's warm for three weeks every year. Don't miss it.