I met you on the Internet
A chat room called Hard To Get
It was lower-case and phonetically spelled
We talked for hours and we LOLed
Oh my darling you're so fine
And when you meet me on-line
What a virtual world it can be.
And then you offered me a jpg
I said I don't have a picture of me
That's all right you said and sent me your file
And I opened it and saw your smile
Oh my darling I want to make you mine
I can't wait to go on-line
I hope you'll be at my website
I'll give your neck a little gigabyte....
And someday when I lose some weight
And my skin is clear and my teeth are straight
And I'm out of jail and back on the street
Maybe you and I can meet.
I don't care for reality
I want to sit here at the screen
And get into your http
And watch you say that you love me
Oh darling you're so fine
Won't you come with me online
And what a virtual world it will be.