00:00 Logo
00:12 Tishomingo
01:59 GK opening: talk about deer hunting, Governor "Larry", welcomes visitors to Minnesota
05:50 Jamaica Shout: GK intros the band
08:36 Cry of the Whipporwill - GK intros Rhonda Vincent and the Rage, talks to Rhonda about her tour
13:28 Nurse script
17:03 Dancing Pig script
28:02 Powdermilk Biscuit break
29:46 I Want To Sing That Rock and Roll: Gillian Welch and David Rawlings, GK intro
33:27 Dear Someone: Gillian and David, Gillian intro, GK back announce and talk with the duo
37:59 Boston Breakdown: Bob Stanton and band, GK intro
40:35 Guy Noir script
54:11 Just Someone I Used To Know: Rhonda Vincent and the Rage, GK intro
57:03 Driving Nails: Rhonda Vincent and the Rage, Rhonda intro
59:45 Each Season Changes You: Rhonda Vincent and the Rage, GK intro, Rhonda dedicates, GK back announce
1:03:21 Everybody Loves My Baby - Intermission
1:07:12 SFX script, Welcome Back to the 2nd Half
1:13:26 Greetings
1:16:11 Amish script
1:19:00 Elvis Presley Blues: Gillian and David, GK talks with Gillian beforehand
1:24:27 Red Clay Halo: Gillian intro, GK back announce
1:28:06 Monologue
1:46:22 Windy and Warm: Bob Stanton and band
1:48:26 GK talks about Old Shep but doesn't sing it, asks Rhonda to sing instead
1:49:21 Solid Ground: Rhonda Vincent and the Rage with the Shoe Band
1:52:38 Fred Farrell Animal Calls script
1:54:31 Credits
1:56:00 I'll Fly Away/ Swing Low closer with everyone