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.....(FIDDLE POTATOES) If you love old-time fiddle music, you won't want to be without Andy Stein's Fifty Favorite Classic Tunes, available on CD or tape cassette, including Handel's Hallelujah Hoedown (MUSIC). Call it baroque, call it classical, it's just plain country, including the Nutcracker Stomp (MUSIC), and the Haydn Surprise Hoedown (MUSIC). And how about Beethoven's "Elise, Put On Your Fur and Let Me Call You Sweetheart" (MUSIC)....Andy Stein's Fifty Favorite Classic Tunes, fiddle music from the Renaissance to Modern, and including George (Big Boy) Gershwin and his Rhapsody in Polka Dots (MUSIC), and there's Tchaikovsky's 1812 Hoedown (MUSIC), and an old-time dance favorite, "William Tell, Go Get Your Bow and Make That Boy Do Si Do" (MUSIC)....Andy Stein's Fifty Favorite Classic Tunes, Masters of the Fiddle, including Beethoven's Ode To the Hoedown (MUSIC)....get it wherever fine music is sold. (BUTTON)

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