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SS: Hi, how are you doing?

TR: Doing fine.

SS: You enjoying your stay?

TR: I'm not visiting. I live here. Remember? I met you yesterday? In the store? We talked? The name's Bruce? My wife and I moved here five years ago?

SS: From California, right?

TR: Right.

SS: You enjoying your stay? (MUSIC)

GK: Sometimes it takes awhile to establish yourself in a new community. And the place to start is your shoes. Make sure you've got the right ones on.

SS: Hi ---- you getting around to see all the sights? you ride the steam train yet? take a river raft trip?

TR: What's wrong with me? I've been here six and a half years.

SS: It's your shoes, Bruce. They're black. And they have tassels.

TR: That's bad?


GK: You need a pair of used mountain hiking shoes from Guy's --- pre-scuffed, pre-stained, so it looks like you were here all along ----- remember: if people look at you funny, it may be your shoes.


(c) 1998 by Garrison Keillor