TR: (FADING IN).....boy that was some chicken chow mein, that was good. Thanks. I gotta run.


SS: Where are you going?

TR: Going to play poker. It's Wednesday night.

SS: Why don't you and I have a night, Bob?

TR (SIGH): We have lots of nights.

SS: But we don't have one night that's our night.


SS: Are you ashamed to be seen with me? Is that it? Am I so boring, so middle-aged --- I'm at the end of my rope.

TR: Honey, we went to a movie on Tuesday night, we went to your parents on Monday night, we were at church Sunday, last Saturday we---- I forget what we did Saturday----

SS: We went to dinner Saturday. You forgot?

TR: I knew it was something like that.

SS: We went to dinner at the Elks Club in Malone--- you spent the evening with me ---- and you forgot?

TR: It was a nice evening.

SS: Guess I didn't make much of an impression anymore, huh?

TR: Of course you do, honey.

SS: I guess that after a day of cleaning and cooking and washing and shopping and taking care of kids, I'm not that exciting company for you anymore, huh?


TR (BASS ANNC): When you hit a snag in your marriage, maybe one reason is that you're not eating as much ketchup as you ought to. Ketchup is more important than you may realize because it contains natural mellowing agents that work to comfort people and settle them down. That's why it's America's favorite vegetable.

SS: I'm sorry I got upset with you, honey. Forgive me.

TR: It was just a big misunderstanding, darling. How do you like this apple pie? Pretty good huh?

SS: And it's even better with ketchup.

TR: Most things are. ----I love you, Jennifer. I'll always love you.

SS: Oh Chuck!

TR (ANNC): Ketchup. For the special times. (MUSIC OUT)