SS: Today's show is brought to you by Old Faithful Bottled Water, the granddaddy of mineral waters. Every 72 minutes, Old Faithful erupts, releasing thousands of gallons of water. What happens to it? It's collected and bottled, of course, to make this naturally carbonated mineral water. You drink Old Faithful, old-timer?

TR (OLDSTER): That's right. I find that Old Faithful really (BELCH) helps my digestive system --- really cleans out the pipes.

SS: I see that. The waters of Old Faithful are naturally boiled underground by molten rock thus removing impurities, and also giving it its unique silicon flavor.

TR (OLDSTER): That's right. Old Faithful water (BELCH) tastes good going down and again coming up.

SS: You don't find it ---- embarrassing, or anything --- you know --- to belch like that?

TR (OLDSTER): Nope. Find it very interesting. I carry a stopwatch with me and (BELCH) it's about thirteen seconds apart.

SS: Old Faithful Bottled Water --- it's part of the move toward making our national parks pay for themselves.

GK SINGS: You can't keep a good mineral water down...

Old Faithful. (BELCH)
© 1997 by Garrison Keillor