GK: .....who else is on our show today, Tim Russell?
TR: Vic Tanny, Danny Kaye, Danny Boy, Boy George, George Jones, Joan Collins, Colin Powell, Paul McCartney, Courtney Love, the Louvin Brothers, Olivia Newton-John, Lawrence Olivier, Faye Dunaway, Fay Wray, Ray Stevens, Stephanie Ford, Ford Taurus, Tori Amos, Famous Amos, Amos and Andy, Sandy Dennis, Dennis Hopper, Hopalong Cassidy, Sandra Dee, Aunt Bea, Bruce Lee, Mr. T, Ted Turner, Flipper, Dasher, Dancer, Johnny Cash, Flash Gordon, Gordie Howe, The Who, Betty Boop, Bette Davis, David Letterman, Helen Reddy, J. Paul Getty, Conway Twitty, Kitty Wells, Nervous Nelly, Good Golly Miss Molly, Jane Pauley, Silly Putty, Peppermint Patty, Juicy Lucy, Swoosie Kurtz, Kurt Russell and me, Tim Russell. ....sounds like quite a show.