GK:....coming up later on many of these stations, Doctor Daryl Dirk, Emergency Dermatologist. (SIREN, INTERIOR)

TR: 12842 Sierra Ridge Trail.....right up there, Mac....that big house with the columns.....here. (CAR BRAKES, DOOR OPENS. FAST FOOTSTEPS)

TK (HYSTERICAL HUSBAND) She's right in here, Doctor. Hurry. (FAST FOOTSTEPS AND STOP)

SS: Ohhhhh.....Dr. Dirk. Thank goodness....(MURMURS OF UNCONSCIOUSNESS)

TR: It's dry skin. Big patches of it. I'm going to have to apply lotion.

TK: Right here??? Now????

TR: I have no choice. I'm going on. (LOTION SFX) Myra? Myra....

SS: Ohhhh. Dr. Dirk. It came on so suddenly. My skin felt like it was cracking and I fell and I couldn't reach my emolients.

TR: Myra, I'm going to say something that I've been trying not to say for as long as I've known you.

SS: What, Dr. Dirk?

TR: Myra, I don't think you should live alone anymore. (CHORD)

SS: But what about Earl? my husband? (CHORD)

TK: Yes. What about me?

TR: Myra, why should a woman settle for less? You need the love of a professional dermatologist.


GK: Later tonight on many of these stations.