GK:. . .Brought to you by Bertha's Kitty Boutique (MEOW)---- if your cat has no plans for the summer --- no job, no summer school, nothing --- fill up your cat's empty hours with Bertha's Kitty Literature o "Great Books on Tape for Cats." including THE SECRET LIFE OF WALTER KITTY. . . .


TR: In the dark heart of the African jungle, the big cat sat in his tent, his 30-caliber Einzwei Mauser leaning against the camp chair, his ears raised, head cocked, (MEOW) sniffing the evening breeze for the scent of lion. (CAT SNIFF) (ICE CUBES IN GLASS) As he did so, he reached for his Martini and looked across the table at his client, a car dealer from Columbus, and pitied the man. (CAT MURMUR) The man was unsteady, he was pale, he had gotten a little drunk to hide his fear but Walter Kitty could see through that. (CAT) Walter Kitty had been a big game hunter long enough to know fear when he saw it. And he had played poker long enough to know when a man was bluffing. (CARDS BEING PLAYED ONE BY ONE) He put his royal flush on the table (CAT) and as he did, (CAT SNIFFING) he caught the scent of lion. He (DRINKS DRINK) tossed back his Martini. TK CAT: Welll--- said Walter Kitty, as he (BREECH LOADING OF GUN) put two shells in his Einzwei and stood up, pulling back the tent flap, breathing the rich aroma of danger and manhood in the African night.

GK: THE SECRET LIFE OF WALTER KITTY, Kitty Litterature from Bertha's Kitty Boutique (MEOW).

© 1996 Garrison Keillor