2017 APHC Cruise — Activities

Shore Excursions

Bookings for shore excursions, spa services, dining upgrades, and other onboard services will open THURSDAY, April 13, at 12:00 noon ET.

Holland America provides a "one-stop shopping" gateway to local operators offering off-the-boat activities. Using Holland America to book locally operated shore excursions is the easiest and most reliable way to see our ports of call. HAL will arrange connections to your tour and be sure you stay on schedule. Various excursions involve different levels of activity, physical ability of participants, and service provided. We have worked with HAL to customize and add excursions we think you will particularly enjoy, so please be sure to review our list of excursions specifically available to our cruise.

We will spend overnights berthed in Bergen and in Oslo. While in port you will be free to come and go from the boat as you please and we encourage you to enjoy all that these beautiful cities have to offer. In both cities, the ship will dock conveniently close to the main areas of town. You may even stay off the ship overnight if you wish. Just remember that you've already paid for your floating hotel room and that meal service never stops on the ship, and you've paid for that too! These nights might also be good for exploring HAL's onboard amenities on a more relaxed schedule.

In addition to excursions, you may book various onboard amenities in advance, if you wish. Holland America's most excellent spa is a favorite of our cruisers. So if you care to be pampered during the cruise, we suggest making appointments in advance. You may reserve times to enjoy Pacific Northwest cuisine in the Pinnacle Grill or to share Italian-inspired plates in the Canaletto Restaurant. You may purchase beverage packages in advance. You may even arrange onboard gifts or shipboard account credits for your friends and family.

View our custom brochure [PDF]

Set up shore excursions through the "Book Shore Excursions" section of hollandamerica.com. You will need your Holland America booking number to do this.

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