Rachel Axler

Rachel Axler Rachel Axler is a three-time Emmy Award-winning writer, currently working on HBO’s Veep. In the past, she’s written for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, Parks and Recreation, How I Met Your Mother, Childrens Hospital, and several other awesome shows, but APHC is by far the job that impressed her mom the most. She’s so thrilled to be a part of this venerable institution and family.

Michael Paul Levin

Michael Paul Levin Michael Paul Levin has worked in the Twin Cities as an actor, writer, comedian, and voice-over artist. “Mr. Levin” (as his wife and children refer to him) has a long, impressive résumé of very legitimate-sounding credits, including winner of the FMCT Playwrights Competition, the Morrow-Heus Screenwriting Fellowship, and as a semi-finalist in the Scriptapalooza TV and American Screenwriting competitions. As an international performer (meaning he’s been to Canada — once) he has appeared in theaters and taverns from the San Diego Repertory Theatre in California to the Coconut Grove Playhouse in Miami, Florida.

Sean Tejaratchi

Sean Tejaratchi Sean Tejaratchi was born in California and has lived in towns as varied as Portland, Oregon. In addition to writing, he’s a graphic designer of books, postcards, LPs, and many more things that fail to promptly come to mind. This next part has absolutely nothing to do with anything. It is here merely to fill up space. Still, it is words, rather than repeated letters, since the latter might not give the proper appearance, namely, that of an actual bio. His zine, Crap Hound, exists, and his website, LiarTownUSA, is enjoyed by many dozens around the world. Sean currently lives in Los Angeles.